High-Quality Containers

While shipping container sizes and designs come in lots of different options we’re focused on bringing you the best shipping containers possible. These storage containers are commonly found on ships, in ports, as off-grid storage spaces, as military Conex storage boxes, or for businesses looking to keep excess supply safely protected outside their main facility.

Here at Jersey Box we’ve focused on collecting the best shipping containers to ensure they meet your short- and long-term storage standards. And while the outsides may feature signs of regular wear and tear, you can be sure you’re watertight, weather resistant, and provide long-lasting and reliable use.

Info About Our Containers

Wind, Water, and Weather-Resistant Storage

Smart Options for Every Storage, Shipping, and Logistics Need







Expansive Use Options

Shipping containers with double doors can be used for a wide variety of different personal or professional needs. Be it storing supplies such as furniture, home goods, or equipment, shipping and transporting products locally or internationally, or creating a tiny home or office, these versatile containers can do it all. Please contact us with any questions or special requests if you’re looking to buy shipping containers, so we can be sure our containers support your very specific needs.